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Semantic features of the articles in present-day Portuguese
dc.contributor.authorSvobodová, Iva
dc.description.abstractThe aim of the paper is to analyze semantic features of the definite, indefinite and zero articles in European and Brazilian Portuguese and to attempt to clarify the criteria governing their use. Their application is determined by the semantic nature and syntactic function of the noun, but also by types of context in which the article can acquire deictic or anticipatory meaning. However, the article is also an operator of the semantic processes of determination and has several functions; it narrows the semantic breadth of the noun, restricting it to a specific meaning or, for example, to the function of countability, but, conversely, also extending it, raising its semantic meaning to a higher degree of abstraction and generality. Thus, in accordance with these functions, the article can assume referential, attributive, specific, non-specific, countable, uncountable or material meaning, and, last but not least, a generic one. The paper aims to illustrate situations where this is occurring and to outline possibilities for substitution. In respect of the latter, it aims to demonstrate that both dichotomous and synonymous relationships may exist between individual articles.en
dc.publisherUniverzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
dc.sourceČasopis pro moderní filologii (Journal for Modern Philology), 2019, 101, 1, 75-91
dc.titleSémantické rysy členu v současné portugalštiněcs
dc.typeVědecký článekcs
dc.title.translatedSemantic features of the articles in present-day Portugueseen
dcterms.isPartOf.nameČasopis pro moderní filologii (Journal for Modern Philology)cs
dc.subject.keywordevropská a brazilská portugalštinacs
dc.subject.keywordužívání členůcs
dc.subject.keywordsémantické rysycs
dc.subject.keywordvztahy mezi členycs
dc.subject.keywordsubstituční možnostics
dc.subject.keywordEuropean and Brazilian Portugueseen
dc.subject.keywordarticle useen
dc.subject.keywordsemantic featuresen
dc.subject.keywordrelations between articlesen
dc.subject.keywordsubstitution possibilitiesen

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