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Variability of Czech Phraseme Usage
dc.contributor.authorJelínek, Tomáš
dc.contributor.authorKopřivová, Marie
dc.contributor.authorPetkevič, Vladimír
dc.contributor.authorSkoumalová, Hana
dc.publisherUniverzita Karlova, Filozofická fakultacs_CZ
dc.sourceČasopis pro moderní filologii (Journal for Modern Philology), 2018, 100, 2, 151-175
dc.subjectvariabilita frazémůcs_CZ
dc.subjectjazyková kreativitacs_CZ
dc.subjectjádro frazémucs_CZ
dc.subjectjazykové korpusycs_CZ
dc.subjectlexikální databáze frazémůcs_CZ
dc.subjectphraseme variabilityen_US
dc.subjectlanguage creativityen_US
dc.subjectphraseme nucleusen_US
dc.subjectphraseme lexical databaseen_US
dc.titleVariabilita českých frazémů v úzucs_CZ
dc.typeVědecký článekcs_CZ
dc.typeResearch Articleen_US
dc.title.translatedVariability of Czech Phraseme Usageen_US
uk.abstract.enThe paper addresses the variability of Czech phrasemes, i.e. semantically non-compositional multiword units, in current use represented by corpora, the variability being the result of linguistic creativity on the part of text authors. It also asks what, in fact, identifies a phraseme. A basic, original phraseme has a certain meaning that cannot be inferred from the meaning of its components, and if it is modified, made more topical and up-to-date, either the original meaning is entirely or partially preserved, or the modified phraseme acquires a totally new meaning. Some phrasemes allow for multiple modifications, while others are more rigid. The article examines different types of lexical/syntactic/morphological/semantic alteration of basic phrasemes. In addition to lexical variations, the focus is mainly on syntactic and morphological changes, and on the question as to whether the chosen syntactic means of expressing semantic shifts have an impact on the potential for a creative treatment of the phraseme. In order to identify the variants of a phraseme with the phraseme itself, we introduce the term phraseme nucleus and outline a partial solution to the phraseme variability problem — designing a lexical database of multiword units (including phrasemes) containing entries sufficiently flexible to at least partially capture the variability of phrasemes.cs_CZ

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