• The American Racial Reality: The Nexus between Critical Race Theory and International Security 

      Defence status: DEFENDED
      Kuttu, Leah Gideon (Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, 2021)
      Date of defense: 23. 9. 2021
      Human Security and Police Brutality via the Lens of Critical Race Theory Leah Gideon Kuttu 47472109 'Equality' and 'dignity of persons' are common language in the legal lingo on rights and freedoms of all men. However there ...
    • ANT-Security Interface and the Current Information Crisis 

      Defence status: DEFENDED
      Downs, Alexander (Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, 2020)
      Date of defense: 24. 9. 2020
      We live in a world driven by fast technologies. The same technologies that make information more accessible have created a dilemma by which the same conduits have also enabled access to mass amounts of counter-factual ...
    • Conversations With Our Apps: Exploring the social context of communicating with technology 

      Defence status: DEFENDED
      Vaughan, Rebecca Susanne (Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, 2021)
      Date of defense: 22. 9. 2021
      The words and messages in apps are part of a conversation between people and their technology that we take part in every day. As technology becomes increasingly embedded into our daily lives, we form relationships with our ...
    • Rule of the algorithm: Exploring an ill-posed problem for democracy 

      Defence status: DEFENDED
      Hawking, Christie (Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, 2021)
      Date of defense: 15. 9. 2021
      We are entering a new epoch, the epoch of rule by algorithm. This new way of governing poses significant challenges for the wide-ranging scope of democratic functions and practices. This is through the deployment of complex ...
    • Ve světě dronů: Přehodnocení realistického pojetí suverenity 

      Defence status: DEFENDED
      Veselý, Tomáš (Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, 2020)
      Date of defense: 24. 9. 2020
      This work assesses the evolving link between drone warfare and the concept of state sovereignty. In doing so, the paper critiques the existing realist and neo- realist discourses that maintain anthropocentric and state-centric ...

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